20 March 2019

Toronto - Homicide #14...

[...correction, make that #15...]insert alt text hereSome crackerjack police work here... already ruled out half the suspects on the planet...

"I can tell you we are looking for at least one suspect, who is described as a male – again we are very early in the investigation."
Don't worry folks... once Justin Trudeau brings in his confiscatory laws against legal, registered firearms owners... the criminal gangs WILL HAVE TO STOP murdering people.


UPDATE: Murdered man identifiedinsert alt text here
Police have since identified him as Jerome Belle, from Toronto. Homicide detective Rob North said the victim was known to police.
Of course he was.

The real lesson here is be careful what you wish for...
Belle was an aspiring rapper who went by the nickname “Murda” and his sister said that he wanted to “go big.
His street name was "Murder?" Seriously, isn't that just tempting the gawds?

UPDATE2: The one that got away...
Homicide #14 has been identified as Helen Fronczak, 79, of Toronto. Larry Fronczak, 80, of Toronto, was arrested.


Captain Dave said...

upate2 link not working

Neo Conservative said...

thx... i'll look at that.


Frances said...

Neo - what's the relationship between the two in the second update? This could be a case of a man with dementia lashing out at the wife who's trying to help him. Had a case like that here not that long ago; tragic all around, and the husband's condition was such that - although arrested because had killed his wife - he was never brought to trial and has (I think) since died. The reaction of those who knew the couple was of profound sadness that a marriage of many years had ended so tragically.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... police pointedly did not say,
but i'm guessing husband & wife. my
first thought was this may have been a
"mercy killing" given their ages,
but it's still legally a homicide.


TheTooner said...

"...suspect, who is described as a male..."

"Male" is police PR jargon for "male, not white."

Neo Conservative said...

usually, the police try to find a
spokesperson who mirrors the race
of the person involved.

it'd be funny if it wasn't so



Anonymous said...

News organizations do the same thing, assigning a reporter of the same race or gender to the story.

Neo Conservative said...

does having a black woman report on
all the inner city gangbanger murders
actually reassure anyone of anything?

i don't get it.


laine said...

The childish notion of both police and media is to put up a positive role model the same race as the criminal to "balance" the criminality so viewers don't go getting the (accurate) notion that a particular race accounts for a disproportionate amount of crime. Look! They can be a police officer or a news reader too! (thanks to affirmative action and diversity officers enforcing it).

Neo Conservative said...

i just about crapped myself when i
read about the rcmp's "diversity
saying they were looking
at overlooking criminal records to
get more officers from the ethnic

that's where we are now?