12 March 2019

It's only fair...

...gimme that "basic dictatorship"...insert alt text here

“We have to consider that Rizzuto Inc. is an important employer in Quebec and across the country,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “And I’m an MP from this country so I have to do everything to save those 9,000 jobs whether you be the top boss or a lowly bagman.”

“There’s spin-off jobs in the Hells Angels, Bonanno crime family, Musitano crime family, and West End Gang that will be greatly affected if this corporation is shut out of contracts with Mexican drug cartels,” said the Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for my laugh of the day!

Neo Conservative said...

i'm afraid jussie t is his own worst enemy.

from "sunny ways" to "the budget will
balance itself"
... he never fails to
shoot himself in the foot.