04 March 2019

Robin Hood for the really rich...

"You stab it with your steely knife...
but you just can't kill the beast"
♫...insert alt text here

"I don’t even need Wilson-Raybould to be any kind of hero to note that her response to this whole clandestine business was close to what my reaction or yours would have been if Trudeau and his legions had condescended to let us in on what they were doing."

"You’re going to do what now? You’re amending the Criminal Code to cancel a trial for a company that racked up a king’s ransom in lobbying bills to plead for this change? After the trial was already scheduled?"

"No thanks."
(h/t reader Rich)


BREAKING: Jussie loses another female Cabinet Ministerinsert alt text here
OTTAWA -- Treasury Board president Jane Philpott has resigned from the federal cabinet, saying she's lost confidence in the way the Trudeau government has dealt with the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Philpott says the principle of cabinet solidarity requires all ministers to speak in support of the government and its policies at all times -- a requirement she now finds "untenable."


Anonymous said...

Now he can't brag that he has a gender-balanced cabinet anymore:)

Neo Conservative said...

never let facts get in the way of a good narrative.