18 March 2019

So, Queen Elizabeth keeps telling me...

...my "Highland Clearances" remuneration cheques are in the mail...insert alt text here

WASHINGTON – Melina Abdullah, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, said Black Lives Matter activists have a “right to riot” to make powerful people listen to their message.

Abdullah also said police officers should be trained for some other kind of work.

“We don’t need people roaming through our streets with guns and badges and really seizing upon us, descending upon especially black, brown, and poor communities, and then having a goal of locking us up in cages.
Of course, Melina... let's pull the cops from every black community in America and watch everything go full throttle, balls to the wall "Lord of the Flies."


laine said...

Black Lives Matter or Black Lies Matter? This outfit gets more black people killed. Wherever they've succeeded in cowing politicians into pulling back policing of black areas, the homicide rate jumps significantly. It's called the "Ferguson" effect, fruit of that poisoned tree of misreporting and is most prominently seen recently in Baltimore.

Neo Conservative said...

if i wasn't an atheist, i'd say
the "community" was reaping
the whirlwind.

think it isn't happening here in
canada? think again.