25 March 2019

Diversity is our streng...

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Among the items seized from currency exchange owner Farzam Mehdizadeh’s North York office were nine Ontario driver’s licences, and a brick of $20s wrapped in elastic bands and attached to a white bank envelope, with a $14,000 bank draft from a major Canadian bank tucked inside.

Eventually, Mehdizadeh would be accused of laundering $100 million in just one year in Toronto and Montreal. He has yet to appear in court, and according to colleagues, he has left Canada for his native Iran.
That's what happens when you have special rules for special people.
A Global News investigation has found that Canada largely fails to effectively prosecute money-laundering cases, with just 321 convictions between 2000-2016. Roughly 809 cases were either stayed, withdrawn or dismissed, over that same time period, resulting in a conviction rate of around 27 per cent.

The RCMP believed he was just one suspect in a very large group of underground bankers, active in Toronto and Montreal especially, with links to real-estate money laundering.

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A Toronto nightclub owner, Denis Mesumb, 43, an owner of the Tam Tam Weekend Lounge on Eglinton Ave. W. has been busted with a septum-busting 127 lbs. of cocaine stashed in a hidden compartment of his SUV.


dmorris said...

I wonder who were the dirty SOB's who stuffed that coke into Dennis's car. Canada MUST demand his return, we can't have a decent AND innocent Canadian businessman languishing for 46 years in a Yankee prison when he could be here at home employing folks in his night club.

Do they even have circle sentencing in America? two weeks in a Healing Lodge in Saskabush and Dennis, he 'd be fine.

Neo Conservative said...

got a feeling we may not be seeing
dennis down on eglinton ave anytime
in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I bet that lounge is a wholesome venue:)

Neo Conservative said...

isn't that stretch of eglinton the much
touted "little jamaica" district?

dennis must be a terrible influence on
the naive, upstanding youth in the area.