04 March 2019

Don't want to spoil the suspense, but...

...I'm thinkin' it's not a really smart idea...insert alt text here

"The City of Toronto launched a public consultation this week on the safety of living in clothing donation bins [in January]."

"We always got her calls — 'I am going to jail,' or 'I am in rehab,' or something. She always let us know what was going on."
The CBC ices the fairies & unicorns death-cake...
"That night her generosity killed her."
Or, as it's known in the larger, law-abiding field of folk... "theft."


Anonymous said...

Another waste of time and money. Don't crawl into an opening designed to operate one way only.

Neo Conservative said...

they are trying to portray her as a
latter-day robin hood, stealing from
the donation bins to save lives of
her fellow travellers.

in reality she was an out of control
drifter, whose parents turned
her over to children's aid at age 16
after she became too scary to live with.