13 March 2019

Toronto: Homicide #12 identified...

...and it's, surprise, surprise... the usual suspects...insert alt text here

Police have identified the victim of a shooting in North York as 51-year-old Martin Anthony Johnson. Homicide Det. Paul Worden said evidence at the scene showed that more than 10 shots were fired.

"It was surprising more people did not call in based on the amount of shots that were fired."
That's so cute... apparently it's Detective Worden's first day on the job.

UPDATE: Of course, the CBC doesn't want to...

...burden you with unnecessary detail...
CP24 has learned that Johnson was previously the victim of a shooting in a building near Weston Road and Gaydon Avenue in the city’s west end on Jan. 13.

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Toronto police say the death of a woman early Wednesday in a west end residential building at Symington Avenue and Davenport Road has been deemed a homicide. The death is Toronto's 13th homicide of the year.


Anonymous said...

If we cheer will it speed things up?

Neo Conservative said...

interestingly, not a single "privileged white guy"
here in the 2019 bodycount so far. homicide in
toronto appears to be an ethnic sort of sport.


Unknown said...

That's not true. There has been one white male murdered so far this year in Toronto. That happened on Broadway Avenue near Mount Pleasant Road. One guy killed his brother. So we have 1 white male murdered my one white male perp.

Neo Conservative said...

get your facts straight, dufus.

mr lewis is an aboriginal fellow
from the rez up on manitoulin island.