08 March 2019

Ban Guns, they said...

...the problem will disappear, they said...insert alt text here

"Stabbings were the largest single cause of death, totalling 41 fatalities out of 100, with the remaining 59 resulting from other causes such as assault or fire."
Vilifying legal, registered firearms owners is not the answer.

Ask yourself... why are the left and the media so terrified of identifying the people who are are murdering their fellow human beings?


BREAKING: Toronto's "Cloak of Invisibility" shooter...

...strikes yet again...
Sources tell CP24 that the suspect fired at least 14 shots at the victim, shattering both the driver’s side and front passenger side windows in his vehicle.

The suspect is believed to have fled the scene in a dark-coloured SUV. Police have said that he was wearing dark clothing and a mask but no further description has been released.

LAST WORD: Call the tune... pay the piper