21 March 2019

Can't be too careful these days

insert alt text hereSounds like a plan, bro.


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The Detroit NAACP joined health officials last fall to oppose legalization, insisting marijuana is a way to hold minorities “in bondage.” The Rev. Horace Sheffield of the Detroit Association of Black Organizations asked: “How do I tell young people about the dangers of drugs if it’s now legal?”

Chronic teen marijuana users have dismal futures, reports the American Public Health Association. They stop their education sooner, are less likely to have full-time jobs as adults and have lower socio-economic potential.

LAST WORD: Dave's not here man!
After marijuana use was legalized in Colorado in 2012, ER visits linked to cannabis use tripled over the next five years at one of the state's largest hospitals, according to a new analysis. Psychiatric ER visits were more common after people consumed marijuana edibles, compared to smoking or inhaling cannabis products.


christopher swift said...

Wow, that's exactly what Junior said about the pot smoking black soldiers in Platoon...."Time be comin', we gonna throw that yoke off." (paraphrased"
Kidding aside, I would commend anybody who wants to improve the future for his people, although I'm a little skeptical about his chances.

Neo Conservative said...

the politicians have ignored all medical
and scientific advice regarding the
plasticity of developing brains.


dmorris said...

I don't get the Reverend's logic, just because something is legal doesn't make it safe.Take demon alcohol, the cause of half the misery in the world, but profitable as hell for the makers.
Talk to 'em the same way you would if it was booze they were considering.

Neo Conservative said...

the rev just sees abysmal graduation rates
for black high schoolers in his hood...
doesn't imagine legal dope will make it
any better.

and he's right.