19 March 2019

I'm so old, I can remember when...

...we had actual news reporting...insert alt text here

"The great tragedy of our time is that we have allowed morally bankrupt parasitic writers like Kingsley to appoint themselves the arbiters of ethics. People like Kingsley feed on hatred and, in fact, need hatred to survive."

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Remember, you get the government you deserve.


dmorris said...

No, we don't get the government we deserve. We get the sonsofbitches the 39% of voters gave us,and ironically, most of them are doing just fine with this government, ie civil servants.

Martin said...

Kingsley is just the linear continuation of the splendid journalism which won a Pulitzer for Walter Duranty in 1932. It took only 71 years for NYT to catch on his cables were a little less than objective.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, the reason those 39%
get to decide is that the rest of us
were at home, sitting on our collective
duff on voting day.

it happens... we deserve every bit of