17 March 2019

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Let's ask a Librano...toronto's most wanted

Liberal ministers persist in the myth that there are 1,200 break-ins every year in Canada to steal firearms, even though StatsCan’s database shows just five “robberies to steal firearms” in 2013, 16 in 2014, 12 in 2015 and 18 each in of 2016 and 2017.

Firearms researcher Dennis Young, himself an ex-Mountie, has filed numerous access-to-info requests with the federal government.

Young has managed to pry out the fact that neither the RCMP nor StatsCan have ever compiled statistics on the sources of crime guns.
1,200 break-ins, my arse.

So, if it isn't farmers, hunters and skeet shooters and legal, registered firearms... who exactly is doing all the killing?

Wait...most wantedWhat shiny new gun laws are going to deter these predators?


Dollops said...

Break-ins "to steal firearms" seems a bit of a stretch. Most B&Es are done to scoop easily carried and fenced items of value. The intruder might not know there is a bonanza of electronics, coin collections, firearms to be had, but will certainly avail himself of whatever fits in his swag bag. Even the fenced booty will likely be picked up by a peaceful, if unscrupulous, citizen rather than a potential mass murderer. So, what fraction of those already small numbers ever turns out to be the purported scourge to society?

Neo Conservative said...

basically all the guns used in crimes
in canada are smuggled in by bangers
over the u.s. border.

enacting laws that penalise legal
gun owners is a sideshow designed to
give politicians a little cover.