25 April 2017

Rules are for little people

Subverting the law of the land... and proud of it...

"He was very confident that we were able to make those charges go away," Trudeau said of his father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

"We were able to do that because we had resources, my dad had a couple connections and we were confident that my little brother wasn't going to be saddled with a criminal record for life."
And remember how Maggie Trudeau's impaired charges suddenly went away?
"I shouldn't have got off. I was over the limit," Margaret Trudeau told an audience of occupational therapists at the University of Toronto.
Membership obviously has its privileges.


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...in Justin Trudeau's post-national state...
TORONTO — A photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posing with Veluppillai Thangavelu, the former vice-president of a group on Canada’s list of outlawed terrorist organizations, has underscored the pitfalls of selfie politics.

LAST WORD: They just can't help themselves
Liberal Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has offered "clarification" after claiming to be the “architect” of a major Canadian military offensive in Afghanistan almost a decade ago. It doesn’t appear that the comments were a slip of the tongue. The reference to being "the architect of Operation Medusa" was contained in the prepared text.

“Major Sajjan certainly wouldn’t have been the chief planner,” Military historian Jack Granatstein said in a phone interview. “That he would say such a thing in a public address is bizarre. This is going to make people think he’s a little bit deluded.”

It’s a puzzling misstep, too, since Sajjan’s service in Afghanistan had already given him plenty to boast about without stretching tales.


Martin said...

Right Margarets's near miss with an impaired driving charge, seemingly forgotten by most of the media. The ultimate irony is that she used her former husband's Charter to wiggle out of a sure conviction. Some might call it the ultimate hypocrisy, but that wouldn't be too chartable.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............apparently membership still has it's privileges.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........everyday I get up and hope that I will be enlightened by someone far more intelligent than I. Everyday I am disappointed. can you not find something better than the idiot captcha crap. I spend more time verifying I am a human ^than I spend with my brief posts.

Neo Conservative said...

"owg says... the idiot captcha crap"

sorry... just got tired of filtering out all the death threats.

if you know of something better, i'm open to suggestion.