30 April 2017

For Better or Diverse

In it's never-ending campaign to celebrate anything remotely multicultural, CBC confuses "Badass" with bad liar...pants on fireIt's not the first time he's told this particular porky...liar liar
In 2015 Saijan told the B.C. program "Conversations That Matter" that Gen. Jonathan Vance, the current chief of defence staff who was previously a commander in Afghanistan, saw him as a key figure in the 2006 offensive.

“If I could quote him, he said I was the architect of Operation Medusa, one of the biggest operations since the Korean War that Canada has led. We took the fight hard to the Taliban,” Sajjan said in July 2015, just months before he was elected as a Vancouver MP.

Vance’s office was not available Saturday to respond to that claim.
Of course he wasn't available for comment, General Vance reports directly to his boss, Defence Minister Hillary, er... Harjit Sajjan...sniper alley
Byrne said that anybody who worked around the Clintons in the Secret Service who saw that speech would "start laughing their faces off because they knew that was a flat-out lie."

Video from the landing at Tuzla Air Force Base showed they were not being fired at; on the contrary, Clinton was embraced and handed a poem by a young girl.

After Clinton was confronted about the discrepancy in April 2008, she said she "misspoke."
The lunatic left... it's what they do.


UPDATE: Hear no evil... see no evilinsert alt text here
At a news conference Friday Chief of the Defence Staff General Jon Vance was asked about Sajjan’s Operation Medusa claims and his apology.

I’m not really aware of this case,” Vance said to the female reporter. So the Chief of Defence Staff, an Afghan veteran, is not aware of Sajjan’s Medusa problem? He must be the only one in National Defence headquarters.

When the reporter asked if she could have a follow up question, Vance snapped, “no.”
So much for democracy and accountability.


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Conservative defence critic James Bezan has also refuted claims by Sajjan that the Iraqis were accepting of Canada's decision to withdraw its CF-18 jet fighters from combat against the Islamic State. He said the minister also made misleading statements about the air force's capability gap and who was responsible for cutting danger pay for soldiers in Kuwait.