07 April 2017

The Hollyweird Chronicles

"Director Joss Whedon took to Twitter Thursday to express his fear that President Donald Trump’s administration may mimic the Chechnyan government and begin arresting and killing gay people."


Anonymous said...

Trump is not a Muslim.

Bill Elder said...

Trump's saber-ratling and the subsequent neo-con and Dem chicken hawk cheerleading is a result of him being a non polititician and taking bad advice. He probably thought he was satifying his neo-con RINO detractors and maybe throuwing the fear of God into the Chi-coms and Norks, but the gamble was not worth deteriorating the Russian relations further to within a hair of war.

Trump bumbled this one - he needs a strong MAGA advisor to tell him you can't and shouldn't try to please your enemies. I put it (and Ryancare) down to a learning curve - he really needs Rand Paul in his cabinet.

Anonymous said...

old white guy asks.............I wonder how many gay people are employed in President Trumps hotel empire? My guess would be significantly more than one.

Neo Conservative said...

this sort of hysterical hyperbole serves no one.

joss wheedon is a virtue-signalling hysteric.


Anonymous said...

Since when did Trump convert to Islam?