08 April 2017

Would the CBC lie to you?


More flaws in agenda driven gun violence study... the study not only includes anyone up to age 25 but they also include BB guns, air soft and paintball guns in their definition of firearm.

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...may be your own.


LAST WORD: The usual suspects...
Police say 19-year-old Rushawn Anderson of Toronto turned himself in on Tuesday.
No word yet on which gun club Mr Anderson belongs to.


Bill Elader said...

Neo - I know you are old and jaded enough to remember the the media cycle on the '92 Rock-Chretien gun grab and criminalization of hunters. It started with junk "stats and studies" presented by the liberal government funded civilian disarmament NGOs, resultant media hysteria spread by CBC and culminated in the worst piece of law since the criminalization/interment of Canadians of Japanese ancestry. It was/is a suspicion law where guilt is assumed through association.

It's starting again, and it has been announced the Selfie-crat Liberals are going to pass law this spring to "get the hand guns and assault rifles off the street" - you and I both know there is no such thing as an "assault rifle" and there is no carry permit for lawfully owned handguns - so what the fxxk is the trust fund boy talking about?

I have been putting together a new 'F' class target rifle for competition this summer and have been into a number of up-scale gun shops and gun smithies and the rumors are that they (Liberals) will use the existing classification system, to ban and grandfather auto-loading handguns and move auto-loading rifles to the restricted class - essentially creating a backdoor registry for these long guns and making them useless for varminting or informal plinking or run and gun events.

The constitution demands they "justify" their restrictions so we see the usual special interest welfare clients step up to the plate to produce the lies they will use to further criminalize law-abiding gun owners for their inability to control "gangsta" and "Islamist" street crime in GTA.

Anonymous said...

They forgot OC-pepperspray!

Neo Conservative said...

justin should stick to showing people his tits.