26 April 2017

No Bull

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre finds himself in a unique position. Having just declared Canada’s second largest metropolis a “sanctuary city,” he now finds himself an unlikely defender of a summer rodeo against animal rights activists who are distributing a petition to ban the event.

The animal rights activists, who have tried unsuccessfully for decades to shut down the world-famous Calgary Stampede, think they have found a potential victory in their Montreal campaign, where support for rodeos is not has enormous as it is in the Western province of Alberta.
Speaking of "sanctuary cities"...
The Trudeau government is planning to quietly introduce new measures to rubber-stamp the approval of many asylum seekers — including people from dangerous and war-torn countries who may pose a threat to Canada’s national security. It goes on to state that, under the new forthcoming process, “certain claims identified by the RPD as straight forward will be scheduled for a short hearing.”

That process would mean that “certain claims may be approved without a hearing” and instead would be rubber-stamped based on a “paper-based only” application.
I'm feeling more secure already.


Frances said...

Many years ago, our anniversary gift to my parents was a day at the Calgary Stampede - infield seats for both the rodeo and the chucks, and a good seat for the grandstand show. My parents accepted, though my father made it clear he had reservations about the whole proceedings. Day came - they headed down to the grounds. Very late in the evening, they returned. Dad had a whole different outlook on the rodeo. Next time, he said, he wanted seats either right up front over the chutes or right at the back. Further, he had decided (and this was a retired teacher with much experience of dealing with teens and with a much-deserved reputation of understanding same and getting to the truth of what was going on) that the animals were having much too much fun. In the future, Dad said, he wanted to reincarnated a a bucking bronco: eight seconds work and all the oats one could eat.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Coderre's Mafia bosses tell him to do.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... Dad said, he wanted to reincarnated a a bucking bronco"

there isn't enough money in the world to make me climb on one of these monsters for 8 milliseconds... cruelty to animals indeed.


Frances said...

Which, Neo, is why my father thought it would be really, really fun to be on the giving end.