09 April 2017

Special Rules for Special People

OTTAWA -- Liberal Health Minister Jane Philpott says Ottawa will now pay for someone to travel with indigenous women who need to leave their communities to give birth -- a change to what she called an "extremely unhelpful" policy.
Let's ask Hector MacMillan what he thinks.


Frances said...

Interesting. It used to be the standard in remote mining communities that pregnant women were sent out to give birth while their husbands stayed behind. Never heard that they had any "support". For one batch of babies, there were consequences many years later. Women at the Tulsequah Chief mine in northern BC were routinely sent to Juneau to give birth; during the Vietnam war, the young men who had been born there began receiving draft notices from the U S military - seems they were "accidental" Americans and Uncle Sam was calling.

Neo Conservative said...

doling out special treatment on the basis of race. what would nelson mandela say?