28 April 2017

Journalism 101

Post a big picture of a gun pointing straight at the reader... and maybe people won't think about the sociopath who actually took this person's life...suckass political correctness

"Police have identified the victim as Kamar Macintosh. They add that this was a targeted attack. Investigators are searching for at least one suspect, a black male, approximately 5-feet tall, medium build wearing a black baseball cap and black hoodie."
Remember, this is all about the stock photo of a totally unrelated firearm and not, as they say... "the usual suspects."

FWIW, I have no idea who Kamar Macintosh is, but I'm guessing he didn't deserve the death penalty... or this disingenuous reporting. Wake up and smell the manipulation.


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Apparently, we're also gonna need an epidermal colour wheel...
The first suspect is described as a male with a medium complexion and short, dark hair. He also had a full beard and was wearing a grey sweater, black pants and red and black Nike shoes.

Police do not have a detailed description of the second suspect at this time, but say he is a male with a medium complexion.


Neo Conservative said...

the stereotypes just keep on coming...

"as many as nine males were seen fleeing from the scene [a Popeyes Chicken restaurant]"

so, plenty of witnesses, but nobody stuck around... snitches, stiches etc.