27 April 2017


...the Road to Shambala...

The Proud Boys call themselves Western chauvinists who “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” They flooded Berkeley in huge numbers earlier this month and appear to be amassing a return visit.

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"Students back then appreciated that universities were supposed to make them uncomfortable."

"They engaged in heated debates in Sproul Plaza."

Robert Price, the associate vice chancellor for research, who has been teaching at Berkeley since 1970, called it a "feast of intellectual combat," and no topic was off limits. Even Communists could be found in the plaza arguing among themselves -- Maoism versus Stalinism and so on.

Knowing this history firsthand, Price finds it disturbing that some students today want safe spaces and trigger warnings to fend off speech they find objectionable.

LAST WORD: The Audacity of Greed

That's what happens when you drink the kool-ade
Former President Obama's upcoming speech to Wall Streeters is putting $400,000 in his pocket - and putting longtime supporters in a difficult situation.

“Spiritual leader of the people’s #Resistance cashes in with $400k speech to Wall Street bankers,” read one tweet.


Anonymous said...

Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park, London, UK.

Neo Conservative said...

here's the only kind of free speech you're likely to hear in london these days...

"Over a thousand British Muslims took to the streets of London on Tuesday in a show of force, blocking off a central London square to call for a caliphate while the crowd chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’."