15 June 2012

Those darn "Vandals"

Sometimes I just get the feeling I might not be getting the whole story...
elephant in the roomLike, maybe the perps here were white guys... with hispanic mothers... which would make this a hate-crime, right?

"The youths, who Montasser said are not “regular students” at the school, have also been charged in connection with a break and enter at the nearby band council office early Sunday."
Funny how that Zimmerman-Trayvon type specificity doesn't apply right across the journalistic board.


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...is all about sensitivity & damping down emotional flashpoints...
"A report commissioned by the African Canadian Legal Clinic that claims a black person is 37 times more likely to be shot and killed by police in Toronto was condemned by the head of the city's police union yesterday."
Unless, of course, you're talking about those nasty Canadian "police death squads".


"Get those fucking indians out of my school, eh herr neo?"
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 4:34 PM, June 16, 2012
Ah, nonny... you do all the work for me.


Frances said...

Could they perhaps be irregular students at the school? A lot of the Indian kids are.

David said...

That's terrible! I conducted my own study and found that I'd be 100x more likely to be shot at by police if I was wearing a balaclava and robbing a convenient store.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances asks... perhaps be irregular students"

actually, given the peace moonbeam reportage... they could, for all we know, be extra-terrestrial visitors.

the intent of the article was not to provide information... or "news" as it is curiously known... but to soft-pedal the connection to the local cree community... where, btw... tragedy is apparently a regular thing...

"The vandalism comes on the heels of a rollover that killed a 14-year-old Saddle Lake girl."

had there been a confrontation with police, i doubt the headline would have been "cops taser vandals".

interesting how that works.


jwkozak91 said...

The grad and dance are gonna be held in the elementary school. Expect a big mess around the washroom's dwarf-height urinals the morning after.

FYI: The driver of the pickup involved in the "rollover that killed a 14-year-old Saddle Lake girl" is the suspect in one of "Deadmonton"'s 2011 record homicides.

So, if he was in custody, the rollover might not have happened.

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... So, if he was in custody, the rollover might not have happened."

i thought the driver was 17 years old. no way the 'justice' system was gonna incarcerate an aboriginal minor... whatever the crime.