17 June 2012

In other "Keepin' it Real" news

Another cultural icon bites the dust...

Over the last 20 years, he had had repeated contact with law enforcement. He long ago stopped keeping track of his arrests for crimes such as driving under the influence and domestic assault. "Eleven times?" he said earlier this year. "Twelve?"

"I would change a few things, but not that much," he said. "Yes, I would go through that night, yes I would. I said once that I wouldn't, but that's not true."
Four million dollars and he still managed to die a penniless criminal fuckup.


Anonymous said...

Watch the Lame Stream Media make a hero out of the POS.

Rob C

James Higham said...

The guy was never going to cut it.

Neo Conservative said...

hey, he got his 4 million bucks and his 15 minutes of fame... and all he did was continue a life of stupidity & petty criminality... until it killed him.

that's some cultural icon, mr sharpton.


Patsplace said...

I guess in the final analysis, what else could you expect?