26 June 2012

And Cheech & Chong wept

I'm bettin' the medical marijuana constituency drops faster than the drachma... dave's not here, man

"Technology website Gizmodo called the Israeli researchers 'killjoy scientists' and accused them of having 'bred the fun out of medical marijuana'."


jwkozak91 said...

It's a relatively-unknown fact that unfiltered marijuana smoke causes cancer as much as unfiltered tobacco smoke does.

'Sign me up for THC-free weed pills when I need them in 30 years.

Dollops said...

Will they now weed out the narcissism and paranoia or are those traits just the egg that came before the chicken's habit?

Neo Conservative said...

"dollops says narcissism and paranoia"

funny... the commonality that i see in all these folks on government-supplied pot is that they're invariably living off the public dime.


Anonymous said...

maybe so Neo but I sure wish I could locate some medical smoke for my brother who is rife with cancer and suffers terrible nausea and lack of appetite. His pain is so far very manageable. The local compassion society is tied up in some kind of lawsuit technicality. When one reads that there are 114,000 med marijuana licensed users in a small state like Wisconsin, my stink alarm goes off readily, but as of recently, I'm convinced that it may be a wise and worthy offering for those truly needing any such help.

love the Cheech reference though!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... wish I could locate some medical smoke for my brother"

you make it sound like it's some unattainable goal. heck, screw the government & ask a local teen. in most places pot is easier to find than a decent cup of coffee.

unlike the usual perpetually indigent whiners one reads about in the toronto red star... cancer patients fighting nausea have a legitimate use for government supplied marijuana.

my point is, you take away the high... the scummers will scuttle away like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. cancer patients will be happy with the appetite inducing aspect regardless of the lack of high.