18 June 2012

National Velvet Touch

national velvet touch

"And until it airs, there is little more to do than speculate on who will portray whom. Howie Mandel as Layton? Rick Mercer, with prosthetic eyebrows, as Michael Ignatieff? Bruce Greenwood as Stephen Harper?"
Whaddaya wanna bet a certain Chinatown enterprise gets nary a single mention in this Ode to Saint Jack?


"I understand that in the first draft of script, they spend a lot of time on the incident where JL went undercover to a Toronto massage parlor and rescued the immigrant teen who had been forced to work as a prostitute."

"Apparently he had done this numerous times at many brothels and massage parlors, tirelessly working to save prostitutes, with little or no fanfare."
"House of Commons records for 2009 state that Chow and Layton charged Canadian taxpayers over a million dollars. Chow's expenses tallied $530,304.73 and Layton's was $628,913.68."

"That is about $1,160,000. Divide $1.16 by 365 to realize that these two very privileged people spent $3178.08 of someone else's money every day of the year. $3178 EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. After rent and travel, where did the rest of the money go?"

"Jack and Olivia had to get up mighty early in the morning every to spend over $3000 every single day of the year!"


Anonymous said...

How did they spend over 3000 a day every day of the year?
That is a question I would like asked every time Oliva appears in public.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

I am sure that if Preston Manning had died, the CBC would not have given one tenth of the coverage they gave to Layton, despite the fact that Manning was leader of the opposition for a much longer time and brought about such a revolution in politics in Canada. For sure his funeral would not have been broadcast for hours live with sad music and huge smiling pictures of Manning in ads announcing the special programmes.

Neo Conservative said...

"bubba asks... How did they spend over 3000 a day every day of the year?"

that is the question, isn't it.


Anonymous said...

It certainly is Neo and not a single "journalist" has the guts to ask that question,
Shameful, disgusting.
Won't even get into the story at 787 Dundas.
I can't imagine a Conservative being found in such a place in such a state without it being number #1 on the news for the next ten years.

cheers Bubba

CJ said...

LOL my robot captcha code is 14 rtugger. Did you do that, or is that actually random?

I wanted to say that sometimes I wish we had parts of the British press here. Their tabloids would find that rub'n'tug girl, pay her some money, and get a blow by blow account of Jack's moves. Pun intended of course.