29 June 2012

Having their cake...

"Edith Bramwell, who works as legal counsel with PSAC and often deals with issues of political activity, said the union fully supports the principle of a politically neutral public service."
pinko thinko stinkoAnd eating it too...
"Bramwell said for the average public servant who is just going about their job at their office – not a head of a department or other senior level manager – there should be no limitations on their political expression."
Isn't it the compassionate, intellectual left who's always screaming about hate speech?


"I didn't own a computer back in the 90's and don't even know if this CBC site existed, but if it did, did the Liberals take this kind of grief when they laid off 3 times the people?"

"Just curious."

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-- OTTAWA -- Canadian tax dollars are supporting a francophone rapper whose latest video glorifies the Taliban and applauds the slaughter of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

The video presents a sympathetic view of Taliban fighters planting a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, detonating it, opening fire on the soldiers who emerge, and finally executing a wounded soldier hiding behind his vehicle.


fernstalbert said...

I hestitate to ask this question but here goes - what is the average age of federal civil servants? Methinks its probably towards the upper forties or perhaps early fifties. Young people are not working for the government. It would be tough for the bureaucrats to get out and compete with the nimbler, younger employee in the private sector. Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

"fernstalbert says... It would be tough for the bureaucrats to get out and compete with the nimbler, younger employee"

one of the hazards of living in an allegedly capitalist society, huh?


The Phantom said...

It would be fun as hell to watch them try though, eh Fern?

Wheezy ex-mandarin of Ministry of Paperclips who hasn't been outside his home, car or office for the last 20 years trying to keep up with the young whippersnappers who can flip five burgers in the time it takes him to flip one...

Could make it a reality show!

oxygentax said...

I have to say, Edith is absolutely wrong. I don't care where you work, EVERY workplace has a dress code, and that dress code usually includes giving the appearance of political neutrality, especially if you're working for the government.

I am one of the staunchest libertarians I know, but I still have to make NDP and Liberals welcome in my business. If I didn't, I would lose a lot of clients, and that wouldn't be good for me.

Neo Conservative said...

"oxgentax says...especially if you're working for the government."

in actual fact... civil servants are vitually bulletproof. read about some guy caught using his computer to surf porn sites for hours daily... think he got sent for help with his sex addiction.

not what would have happened in the private sector.