08 June 2012

As good as his word

So, what other promises would Bob Rae be prepared to abrogate in his pursuit of the gold ring?

-- OTTAWA -- When Rae became interim Liberal leader in 2011, one of the caveats was that he wouldn't run for permanent leadership of the party.

Changes to the Liberal Party executive in the past year mean members are now likely going to allow Rae to throw his hat in the ring.
I guess that's just one of the benefits of having a brother who's a backroom Liberal Party powerbroker.


fernstalbert said...

Those poor, naive Liberals - did they really think that Rae was not going to use the interim leadership position to "grease" his ultimate ambition to be leader? My goodness, please tell them that I have for sale - prime waterfront property in Northern Alberta's muskeg country - at an inflated price of course. lol

Anonymous said...

Gee I hope he wins Neo be a triumph for re-cycling. LOL

Neo Conservative said...

remember when ol' boob sprang "rae days" on his faithful union stalwarts?

this guy has the ethics of a feral cat.


joseph said...

Methinks this won't sit well with those aging wanna-be punk rockers/unemployed lawyers/legend in their own mind/so-called a$$ kickers in canadian politics types that pine for the good ol days of rooms filled with comfy fur, where one could indulge themselves in a world of avirace on entitlements of entitlement. Oh the horror.