27 June 2012

No, no, no... not the flower child who...

...used to party with Mick & Keith... the other one...

"Liberals yearning for the glory days of Trudeaumania as they head into a leadership contest could face a choice between Pierre Trudeau’s eldest son and the mother of his only daughter."
Frankly, I'm a little surprised they don't just get it over with and re-elect the Emperor himself... it's not like he's any deader than the federal Liberal party anyway.
"Ms. Coyne bristles at suggestions that 'somehow I’m just a mouthpiece for things that Pierre Trudeau may have said in the past.'"
Of course not, Deborah... everybody knows that's Justin's job.


"Will Prince Charming finally do battle with the wicked Step Mother?"

"I hear Trudeau's plumber is throwing his name into the race."

"neo just can't stand the fact evil Pierre got more action than neo ever will."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 3:15 PM, June 27, 2012
As per usual with the lunatic left... it always comes down to their genitalia.


Anonymous said...

neo just can't stand the fact evil Pierre got more action than neo ever will.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny prattles... evil Pierre got more action"

ah, silly little nonny... as per usual, you do all the work for me.

seriously, though... what exactly did i do to merit all this persistent, slavish attention? whatever happened, i must really have burned your britches, huh?


fernstalbert said...

Can we call this nepotism - you get the job because you are family. Anything Trudeau, always a favourite of Liberals - father, son and now lover - almost religious in nature. lol

Sean M said...

I here from reliable sources that one of Pieeair Trudopes petrified feces will also be running for the "Liberal" leadership... Time to change the name from the "Liberals" to the Trudope Party.

Neo Conservative said...

"fernstalbert says... you get the job because you are family"

at least this woman is a constitutional lawyer and has something to offer... the heir transparent, before he got elected... has merely been a substitute teacher.

mark my words... before this is all over, they'll be begging steffi to come back.