09 June 2012

C'mon now... everybody move along...

...nothing to see (or talk about) here...

sic thugs off limits

-- TORONTO -- Nicholas Dillion-Jack, 18, was wanted in connection with a stabbing and mugging in the downtown area and an east-end home invasion and pistol-whipping. A sighting Thursday had sparked a major police operation that lead to heightened safety procedures at 15 schools.

Published reports late Thursday said that Mr. Dillion-Jack may have a connection to the Sic Thugs, the Regent Park gang believed connected with the fatal Eaton Centre shooting last weekend.
Hmmm, that's funny... the "professional journalists" couldn't seem to provoke enough commentary about the recent Luka Magnotta cannibal murder thing.

Why would Regent park gangs be off-limits? Something to do with the "crime is down, not gang-related" argle-bargle the media seem to be peddling?


CJ said...

Just about two weeks ago, both CTV and CBC News were singing the "crime is down, we don't need tougher laws or more prisons" song on their broadcasts. Then ... the Miami "bath salts" cannibal, the New Jersey cannibal, the body parts mailed to Ottawa, the Magnotta eruption, the Eaton Centre shooting, the Angus Mitchell murders and shoot-out with police, the drug gang hit at the Port Moody swimming pool -- Good God, what a week. Amazingly enough, they aren't singing that song this week, but you know they'll sing it again some day soon.