04 June 2012

Less Tweet... more street

Hang on a second...twitter, my arseThey knew this guy was a ticking time bomb...

The man in custody was recently released from five years in prison and sources said what happened Saturday was retribution.

"When this guy was released it was predicted something would happen," a source said, adding the sentence was related to 2005 Summer of Gun activities.

Sources tell the Sun there had been a shooting earlier Saturday in Alexandra Park and "THE ARGUMENT" moved to the Eaton Centre.
The "argument", huh? An argument with, well... bullets... right? Hmmm, perhaps the 'gentleman' in question was a tad 'overwrought'... a little 'peeved' perchance?

Perhaps the Toronto Police 'Service' should cut down on the number of media relations officers it apparently has... and drop a few more street coppers back onto the front lines.

And somebody help me out here... if they saw this thing coming, why was this less than civics-minded (you don't get 5 years in a Canadian prison for jaywalking) convict allowed to run around without some sort of oversight?


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They've had all that video & now arrested this guy... but nobody gets to know who he is.
Trayvon™ !!

We’ve seen hundreds of pictures of gay cannibal Luke Magnotta, but so far not even a crappy “police artist” composite or official police description of yesterday’s shooting suspect.
Canadians... we're a sensitive lot... in some cases.


"Given the poor quality of the shooting, obviously the poor man wasn't allowed adequate access to the prison shooting gallery. The least we can do is to ensure that those released from prison can shoot straight."

LAST WORD: Relax Toronto... it's just business

It seems the gangbangers were just carving out their territories...
A meeting over gang turf that turned violent is believed to be behind the brazen downtown shooting at the Eaton Centre, police sources said following the arrest of a suspect.

One man, Ahmed Hassan, 24, was killed and six others hit by bullets.

The suspect and Mr. Hassan were meeting at the food court to discuss “turf arrangement” but matters got out of hand and shots were fired.
Hmmm, ask yourself Torontonians... which gang owns your hood... and, by extension... your lives?

And while we're here... what are the criteria for a "brazen" downtown shooting? Are they so frequent that people don't really notice the "ordinary" ones?


mauser98 said...

if Bathhouse Barry had a son, he would look like him.

Neo Conservative said...

it's true... this is another golden opportunity for the socialist parties to defend the oppressed.

remember when the mcslippery government repealed the "zero tolerance" for violence in ontario schools bill?

"The Liberal government’s Bill 212 was in response to a complaint launched by the Ontario Human Rights Commission regarding the extent to which "racialized students" and "students with disabilities" were unfairly treated through the zero tolerance approach to student discipline."

it seems all the wasp kids weren't actually attacking other children... so the bill was only affecting folks from the visible minority demographic.

good lord... (and all those stabbings aside) we can't have that.


Frances said...

Neo - given the poor quality of the shooting, obviously the poor man wasn't allowed adequate access to the prison shooting gallery. The least we can do is to ensure that those released from prison can shoot straight.

Neo Conservative said...

well, frances... ex-mayor david miller claims that people who receive training are the real killers...

"And nobody can deny that that hobby directly results in people being shot and killed on the streets of our city. Those are the facts."

those nasty olympic shooters, huh?


Lynn said...

Y'know,"Frances", you may have hit on a good idea there,if all the gang bangers are expert shots,there will obviously be less peripheral damage.

It would probably reduce gun related deaths way more than the much ballyhooed Long Gun Registry.

I think you should get the Order of Canada.

Anonymous said...

we have some serious problems when it comes to justice and law enforcement. these thugs can buy a gun and ammo and carry it and use it. we as law abiding citizens cannot buy a handgun without jumping through so many hoops it is foolish. these thugs could make buckets of money selling guns to law abiding folks for self defence. no registery, no nothing.

Neo Conservative said...


UPDATE: suspect identified...

TORONTO – The prime suspect in the daytime shooting at the Eaton’s Centre on Saturday, which Global News has identified as Christopher Husbands has been arrested by police. Global News has learned that he has a long criminal record.

The Eaton’s Centre shooting occurred amid a spike in gun violence in Toronto. To May 26, 2012 there has been 111 shooting, an increase of 32 over 2011 and a number that will be increasing significantly from Saturday’s multiple shooting.

pop quiz... if the jane creba shooters were sitting on death row... could this tragedy have been avoided?

as for nonny's brainstorm... just one glitch... law-abiding gun owners would have nothing to do with criminals.