10 June 2012

Ontario's health-woes continue

At one FHT, when staff reportedly couldn’t persuade bureaucrats to stop sending payments for ghost employees, the FHT banked the money and allegedly gave their regular physicians an unsolicited — and improper, as defined by the FHT-ministry deal — “bonus” at year’s end.

“They should not be turning millions of dollars over to people they’ve not vetted. If you’re an embezzler, this is the place to be.”

All three troubled areas — Air Ornge, e-Health and FHTs — fall under the ambit of the same government arm, the Ontario ministry of health and long-term care.


Pissedoff said...

Come now Neo surely you are not blaming poor old Debbie again. You know she as no say over her own ministry.

Norm said...

The movie business has an meme; the reason a movie costs $50 million is that if ot only cost $5 million, the producers couldn't steal a million dollars. The same is true with the mega departments of health and education. A million dollars is a roundng error and it is common to overlook a missing few millions.