11 June 2012

"Love is better than..."

...wait a minute...

"Members of Parliament are bracing themselves for a marathon session of voting this week as the opposition puts forward 871 amendments to the Conservative government’s budget bill."
871 obstructive serial actions... no wonder government doesn't work. Just try to imagine the chaos if the NDP ever got into a position where they were actually pulling the levers of power.
"128: The number of hours it would take MPs to get through 871 amendments should the Speaker allow individual votes for each one."


Roy Elsworth said...

wow are the ndp and grits ever sore losers.

Dollops said...

No Need to try to
imagine, we've watched NDLPQ government for decades. What we should be imagining is truly conservative government, something the current crop of Tories is too timid to deliver.

Neo Conservative said...

sadly... moving towards the middle is a pretty standard sort of maneuver for most political operators.

you have to get that second term to get that gold-plated pension.