20 June 2012

Dawn of the (brain) Dead

What exactly does it take to be more popular than Michael Ignatieff?

"The poll suggests Mr. Trudeau has the greatest early potential to maintain the Liberals’ current support and draw support from other parties. Even so, 67 per cent of respondents said they’d be unlikely to vote Liberal – a number that rose to 82-89 per cent with other possible contenders at the helm."
Yup... you can almost smell the science...
"The poll results likely reflect recognition of his name as much as any perceived leadership qualities."

"Perhaps Justin Trudeau really is a secret policy wonk who talks monetary policy with his friends down at the bistro. If so, he hides it well."


Anonymous said...

Justin has his Mom's keen intellect...the Liberals must be both cynical and desperate to consider him as their figurehead.
But I suppose that he can just look sweet and do as he is told by their backroom leaders.

Neo Conservative said...

from where the liberals are currently sitting... i suppose they're about ready to consider anything.

you know what they say... "a drowning man will grasp at a sword."


mauser98 said...

his fathers looks, his mothers brains and a boatloads of stupid Canadians.

joseph said...

So out of all the possible leadership contenders the one that the pollster says has the numbers is

The Kardashian candidate.

Maybe if they asked if it was a choice between Justin and the Situation if the poll numbers where any different.....hmmmm
Think I'll drop by the Iceman and put a bug in his ear.

Neo Conservative said...

bring it on... how long will it take justin to step on his own dick?

before this is all over, liberals will be begging stephane dion to come back.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Justin will make a fine piece of furniture, because that is all it will take to win the next election. After Harper has been sent to the Hague, and some other CPC idiot serves out his term as PM, kind of like Kim Campbell, the Liberals will win a resounding majority. It doesn't really matter who their leader is really. We're all so sick of you assholes, that you're going to actually beat Kim Campbell's record.

Neo Conservative said...

nonny predicts, yet again... the Liberals will win a resounding majority"

you've got such a short memory, nonny. remember your last prediction?

"Harris Decima tracks the Cons at 35%, well short of any majority. They've already peaked only a day into week 2. It's grim."

"ps. I can only imagine how your beefy temple will throb when Harpo fails to deliver the magic majority. Can't wait."

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 8:05 PM, April 04, 2011

yes, nonny... you're a regular nostradamus. better hang on to your regular job at the french-fry station.