09 December 2011

Yeah, that's it, Mohammad...

...keep digging...

"There, occasionally holding up a large white handkerchief to catch his tears, he attempted to paint a picture of himself as a loving, liberal-minded, generous patriarch — a bit of a free spirit even, prone to handing out money and kisses — whose only wish for his children was happiness."
I swear... if there ever was a poster boy for bringing back capital punishment... this guy is it...
" -- KINGSTON, Ont. -- 'May the devil shit on their graves,' Mohammad Shafia told his second wife, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 20 days after the bodies of the couple’s three teenage daughters and Mr. Shafia’s first wife were recovered from a car in the water at the locks."
After he's convicted... they should double-bunk him with Paul Bernardo.


Anonymous said...

We are importing tens of thousands more per year that think just like these guys.

They will impose their 'values' on the rest of the country.

Initially through leftwing pc thought,and sooner than you think through sheer numbers.

Anonymous said...

I agree double bunk the three of these lowlife POS killers with bernardo and feed them a steady diet of nothing but pork and we will see how committed they are to the way of islam.I would be quite content to standby and watch them starve to death.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Concur with your last statement....and let's ensure the gaurd relieves Paul of that jar of lubricant he keeps around the pad for special occasions.

fernstalbert said...

Poster "child" for the cultural nonsense that is inflicted on women and children by this gross practice of power by men over their female relatives and dependants. Grow up - real men do not kill children and women because they have a disagreement on lifestyle choices. Really don't get why they bother coming to the "decadent" west - you can kill your children and wives with impunity in the home countries and be lauded as a hero for doing so.

Neo Conservative said...

"fernstalbert says... real men do not kill children and women because they have a disagreement on lifestyle choices."

this type of thing has to be universally condemned by the msm & the muslim community alike.

no more pussyfootin' around on grounds of cultural relativism... one people, one law.


Anonymous said...

We send our soldiers to fight and die in Afghanistan to promote and defend democracy and oust the Taliban from implementing their tyranny on the Afghan people only to let those same people in Canada where we now must accommodate their cultural, rules, religion and whatever all in the name of ethnic diversity.

I dare say we must get used to it until we actually elect a Conservative government that will stand up for the Canadians that built this country allowing it to be what it is today.
The current Liberal Harper set-up seems more concerned with appeasing the ethic vote in Ontario and the “nation within a nation” Quebec rather than attempt to address concerns of immigration and refugee abuse that we are all aware of.

Like it or not Canada was built on a Christian framework that was reflected in our history and heritage (I say “was” with a great deal of trepidation.) Our public schools can’t even have a Christmas play anymore and we can’t even have a Christmas tree in a government building because we might offend a Muslim or something.

Those are my thoughts and I know I’ll be called a racist or whatever.

Merry Christmas everyone oh sorry I mean “Happy Holidays”

Frances said...

Real men control themselves; not others. Real men would die for their wives and children; not kill them.