31 December 2011

Acceptable losses... one every 8.1 days

One murder per week... let's break out the party hats & champagne.


Ken Moore said...

I'm going with the National Post on this one, preferring a manager's search for an improving minimum rather than a perfectionist's search for zero. Look over this chart of murder rates elsewhere: http://chartsbin.com/view/1454

Neo Conservative said...

"ken moore says... a perfectionist's search for zero"

not that i don't appreciate the sentiment ken, but... i'm thinkin'... a murder every 8 days... that isn't exactly zero, is it?

but... to the np, anyway... that's the good news?

anyway... just try imagine what the actual homicide rate would be if toronto's highly capable als paramedics didn't carry around chest tubes and have a world class trauma team standing by at sunnybrook hospital for ALL shooting & stabbing incidents.

and while the gangbangers get the full court press... joe lunchbucket better not have a heart attack... because he has to get in line at whatever hospital isn't on overflow diversion.

just something to think about the next time you're writing that obscene cheque to the taxman.


syncrodox said...

Perspective is a bitch...Happy New Year to you and yours Neo...and you to Ken...

Neo Conservative said...

oops... spoke too soon... another body hits the pavement to close off 2011 in toronto the good...

" • TORONTO • A 20 year-old man is dead following a shooting near a Scarborough building in the Orton Park area."

whaddaya wanna bet the families & friends of all these folks aren't out celebrating the good news that homicide is down.