23 December 2011

"Interrupted"... Brian? You mean like...

...Stefanie Rengel’s young life?

"Though Mr. Snell said in his factum that if moved to the adult Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ont., Ms. Todorovic’s plans for getting a university education would be interrupted, he conceded in court that’s 'probably not correct' and that she would be able to take some courses, if not the very ones she wants."
Hang on a second... when exactly did Melissa Todorovic become the victim here?


Anonymous said...

She became a victim when the liberals moved their goal from punishing criminals to rehabilitating them, victims be damned . In the lieberal eyes it is societies fault this "poor dear" went astray. The conservatives are getting this straightened out.

Rob c

Neo Conservative said...

melissa todorovic is not a victim... she is an unrepentant, homicidal sociopath who used sex to befuddle some equally twisted dumbass to kill an innocent girl.

neither of these two should ever see daylight again.


syncrodox said...