08 December 2011

And Karl Marx wept

Isn't this actually a bit of an anti-socialist solution?

• Attawapiskat • "In a letter, Turmel said now is a moment they could come together as parliamentarians by, among other things, calling in the army to deliver much-needed assistance to a community in crisis."
Now, Nycole... how about we wait for our aboriginal brothers & sisters to hear back from the United Nations before we launch Operation Enduring Victim.

But, heck... who am I, huh?

Let's ask a Canadian think-tank...
Mark Milke, Alberta director for the Fraser Institute, said neither discrimination nor a lack of money account for the problems in First Nations communities.

"When you give money to the top and then ask them nicely to distribute it to the bottom, are you really surprised that it doesn't make it to the bottom?"

"The victims are those who unfortunately sit on reserves and are subject to that sort of gamesmanship, which comes along with the way the institution is set up."
Here's a question nobody seems to be asking... "Does Chief Spence live in a plywood shack with no plumbing?"

Please tell me... 90 million taxpayer dollars later... somebody... anybody... at Attawapiskat has a flush toilet.


Platty said...

Exaclty, could we please see the entire community? There are way more questions than answers when it comes to this reserve.

Fay said...

Good question?

maryT said...

Considering all the boondoggles the UN has been involved with over the years, what does that chief expect them to do for her. She is just looking for someone to agree with her fraud and greed and the UN is the perfect place to find it.
Remember the Oil for Food scam, that is keeping Mo Strong in China forever so he wont be arrested if he lands in the USA.

fernstalbert said...

Remote reserves are depressing grey, warehouses - its like living in Siberia with no way out. Money is not going to fix boredom, poor education and the xeonophobia of a closed society. But what the hey, keep the money flowing to the chiefs and their handpicked handmaidens. When you are a victim the money never stops. The really sad conclusion is that these people are living the "Grey Owl" lifestyle because someone has told them its noble. Cheers.

syncrodox said...

I'm confused...third party management is bad but UN oversight is good?

Anonymous said...

No complaints from Neo about paying $180K a year for the third party rubberstamper though.
Chief must live in a shack to please you. She wouldn't even need the shack if she still had the 99.9% of the land we took in exchange for beads.

Sean M said...

What is it with lefty weirdos and their propensity to "call in the army"? Whenever a problem arises. Snow storm... call in the Army... Misappropriation of federal money by the "chief', call in the Army... A kidnapping... invoke martial law.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... Chief must live in a shack to please you."

oh, nonny... you do all the work for me...

"At least 80 aboriginal chiefs and band councillors made more money last year than Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and at least 200 were paid more than their provincial premiers, according to newly released federal figures."

then again... you better be pullin' down major cabbage to send your kids to elite private schools, don'tcha?

"In a given year, estimates Patricia Selinger, the school's registrar, there might be as many as several dozen students from First Nations as far away as B.C. and the Maritimes, not an insignificant number for a school of roughly 300, offering little by way of native culture, deeply imbued with Catholic values -- Sunday Mass is mandatory -- and charging tuition running $17,000 a year for in-province students and nearly $24,000 for those outside."

"'I'm sure every main leader from all the main bands has sent their kids here. We've had the Fontaines, the Bellegardes, the Sandersons, the Montours and Hills from the Six Nations, the Ahenakews, the Goodstrikers from Alberta,' says Terry O'Malley, the school's former president who taught there since 1978."

hmmm... apparently not everybody on the reserves is livin' in plywood shacks & shittin' in plastic buckets.

an, oh yeah... that "third party rubberstamper" you're freakin' out about... are you referring to the chief's common-law husband?