06 December 2011

Ninety million dollars... no paper trail...

Does Chief Theresa Spence even have to make out a tax return?
too many chiefs, not enough auditors

• Attawapiskat • "It's nothing new for chiefs from coast to coast to be called out for accountability, Mr. Atleo acknowledged. Ms Spence “has demonstrated transparency and accountability.”
I think the first order of business here is to buy Shawn Atleo a new dictionary...
The people of Attawapiskat kicked out the third-party manager when he arrived on Monday.
I've seen Chief Spence on the news... stuttering & spinning when asked about the fiscal (cough, cough) irregularities at Attawapiskat. Truth is... I wouldn't trust this woman to run the cash register at the local Tim Hortons.

For what it's worth, though... her crowning public relations achievement has to be...
unbelievableThe only thing Chief Atleo's obsequious, unconditional support of Chief Spence accomplishes is to bring his own judgement (or, more to the point, lack thereof) sharply into focus.

And hey Gloria... that "community of fewer than 2,000 people"... isn't that figure actually 1300 souls? What do you get when you divide that number into $90,000,000?

There's a victim here the media chooses to ignore... the Canadian taxpayer.

If the PM wants to make some real points with the Canadian people at large, he'll stick to his principles and insist on a full audit of these funds.


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"The sin, she says, was challenging the dogma maintaining the aboriginal industry: that natives are special; that their traditions possess enlightened ideals and crucial wisdom that must not only be protected, but encouraged."
Even if it destroys them.


wilson said...

Joanne BLY posted this tweet from CTVs Daniele Hamamdjian #attawapiskat residents gathering 2nite after elder calls meeting. They say they want 3rd party manager to b allowed back in. #cdnpoli

anise said...

Why, why, why are we still sending money if no one will account for it. Turn off the tap!

Neo Conservative said...

"anise asks... Why, why, why are we still sending money if no one will account for it."

that's a trick question, right?

it's simple, anise... suckass political correctness.

and, really... it's not like stuff like this is even news...

"An initial review of financial activities in Kanesatake between April 2003 and March 2005 questioned $34 million in spending for security on the aboriginal territory, located about 60 kilometres northwest of Montreal."

believe me... the list goes on & on.


dmorris said...

"Chief Theresa Spence told a meeting of chiefs from across Canada Tuesday that “it's time to get really aggressive with the government.”

Wow! Ms.Spence must be facing some serious prison time if the books are ever properly auditted!

"Aggressive",Ms.Spence? Maybe it's about time we Canadian citizens got aggressive with you and cut out this fantasy that you comprise a "Nation",first or otherwise.

You run a little dictatorship in a Northern shithole of your own making,one that enriches YOU and your family, and when your corruption and ineptitude is exposed, you "blame the white man" as you always do.

Try paying the freight for once,and quit insulting the hands that feed you,and feed you damned well.

The world is changing,Ms.Spence,and that world is no longer willing to prop up governments or people who refuse to help themselves.

You're victims,alright,and if you want to see your oppressor up close,take a look in the mirror.

Sean M said...

The Indian industry, like other race based or language industries has a lot to hide. Spence and other so called "Chiefs" operate in a culture of secrecy and an insidious political correctness that will not allow third party over site. Tribalism, special status and corruption go hand in hand. There is not one valid reason for dolling out billions of taxpayer dollars for the Indian industry, or any other tribal special status industry... (bilingualism, multi-cult). Special status for the few fosters a system of secrecy that ensures corruption, along with a sense of entitlement that is neither accountable nor helpful. Spence doesn't want third party over site because she, and others do not want to be exposed as operating in a culture of corruption. This is the game, and it's been going on for decades. Now that the "Liberals" have been relieved of power at the federal level, there is simply no reason to continue the practice of the federal Government being complicit in fostering this politically correct corruption, while pretending it doesn't exist.

maryT said...

And Evan was having an orgasm as he wondered if this would lead to insurrection or something.
Stick to your guns PMSH and have an audit done of every penny sent to that reserve and all others for the past five years. Angus might wish he had kept his mouth shut.
If those kids need a warm place to sleep, put them on a plane and take them to a civilized place. What did their ancestors sleep in years ago on that land that supposedly provided for them. Give them their land, and no more money, let them hunt and fish and make warm clothes themselves.
Not one penny from me to the Red Cross.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a poor money manager to shovel money without safeguards in place. No wonder he can't balance the books. The First Nation burned this money over years? Where was Duncan and Strahl?

jwkozak91 said...

Should I remind "nonny-mouse" that Attawapiskat also burned money under the oversight of Ministers "Chatty Andy" Scott and Jane "billion-dollar boondoggle" Stewart.

Neo Conservative said...

jwkozak91 says... Attawapiskat also burned money under the oversight of Ministers "Chatty Andy" Scott and Jane "billion-dollar boondoggle" Stewart."

hmmm... jane stewart... that sounds so familiar...

"Former Liberal MP Jane Stewart has been appointed to a $700-a-day post on a panel to examine the horse racing and breeding industry in Ontario."

maybe that's part of why ontarians pay such outrageous taxes... all these former liberal hacks who get their "happy ending" from the left-leaning autocracy.

but it gets even better...

"Stewart served as chief negotiator in the Caledonia land dispute. Her year-long stint paid $225,370 based on a $1,300 daily rate."

wait... isn't janie the daughter of robert nixon, one time leader of the ontario liberal party & treasurer in david peterson's liberal government? oh yeah... and a chretien cabinet appointee to, wait for it... minister of indian affairs.

no incestuous political goings-on there, huh?

so how'd those negotiations work out anyway?

"The occupation has cost Ontario more than $46-million to compensate Caledonia businesses, purchase the disputed land and pay for policing the standoff, which alone cost more than $22-million so far."

janie wanted to be liberal leader, but that was torpedoed by the hrdc scandal.