11 December 2011

Don't look at me... I didn't vote for him

That’s where this green obsession leads. It promotes a policy on its moral virtues, not on its real-life impact.

It replaces the mundane requirements of affordability and reliability of power generation with the vague promise that we’re all participating in some planet-saving enterprise if our toasters run on our neighbour’s highly-subsidized solar panels.

Green is the easiest virtue. All it takes in most cases for politicians is simply to say the word often enough and whatever they propose — for a time — gets a pass.

Who would question McGuinty against those “selfish” landowners. Wasn’t Dalton moving towards a greener world?

Enough then. No studies required.


dmorris said...

You'd think Dalton would have learned something from the Wile E.Coyote of the Liberal Party,Jean Chretien,and realized that while you promise 'em the world, you deliver absolutely nothing.

If you're ever called on those promises,you simply make more fervent promises,for even more drastic action,appoint some new stooges for window dressing,and still do nothing.

If you play it right, you can survive for at least 10 years,as Da Little Guy did.Probably even longer as Ontarians seem to have even more faith in lying politicians than the average Canadian.

Dalton is dumb enough to believe he actually has to do something.

Or maybe he stands to gain financially from all the subsidies he hands out.

Any possibility Dalton can be bought?

Neo Conservative said...

say... whatever happened to stephane 'green shift' dion?