21 December 2011

Tonight's CTV Moonbat moment

Just watched CTV... a virtual arm of the Liberal Party of Canada... taking yet another run at the Conservatives on the 11 o'clock news.

This exquisitely choreographed media stunt implied that the only obstacle to springing a Canadian potatoe farmer from a nasty Lebanese jail... was for Stephen Harper to fire up his laptop and gin up a get out of jail free card.

Maybe I'm not as plugged in as Lisa & company... but is that how international diplomacy works? Have these meticulously assembled and suitably sombre family members, after careful consideration & negotiation with the Lebanese government... wait a minute...

Henk Tepper's wife and sister were joined by two Liberal senators who have rallied to the man's cause: Pierrette Ringuette and Mac Harb.
Okay, okay... the man behind the curtain... now I get it.

Call me cynical, but again I've gotta ask... is anybody else (professional journalists aside) getting even a little bit tired of politicians shamelessly trotting out tearful family members to take public potshots at the enemy?
Harb said Lebanese officials have indicated that should the federal government make a formal request for Tepper's return to Canada, "that request will take precedent over all other requests."
Which is, one... simply not true and, two... has been known not to be true... for a week before the Liberals' little dog & pony show...
"The Lebanese government specifically dismisses the allegation that a simple letter would release Mr. Tepper and affirms that it must act in accordance with Lebanon's international legal obligations when faced with a request for extradition."
Are Pierrette Ringuette and Mac Harb actually accusing Lebanon & Algeria of falsifying charges against Mr. Tepper... charges that can be dismissed with a little governmental nudge-nudge-wink-wink? I'm no diplomat, but it seems to me that might not actually help Mr. Tepper's case.

Funny, though how nobody (least of all two unelected Liberal senators) seems to be asking if the charges, (apparently Mr. Tepper is being held on an Interpol warrant) which involve falsifying documentation to ship tainted potatoes to the Middle East... are, in fact, justified.

That, of course, is not something anyone cares to address.


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...it's a Liberal thing.


jwkozak91 said...

Countdown to "Bu-bu-but... Pamela Wallin & Mike Duffy!" in 3, 2, 1...

Does "CTV Chief Parliamentary Correspondent" Senator Jim Munson (Grit-Rideau Canal) ring any bells?

Before him was CBC "Chief Parliamentary Correspondent" Sen. Jason Moscovitz (Grit). And Craig "Owl"-iver and Count Lloyd wanted their Liberal sinecure too.

Patsplace said...

Well that does it!! Asking questions that no polite person should ask at Christmas. Just nod and go along with the nice Liebral Senators. Got that. lol

Alberta Girl said...

there seems to be some movement underway to create a scandal-a-day with the opp and our media. I don't know if they are already in election mode or just can't stand the fact that they have no more power to influence decisions, but it is getting tiresome.

The worst is when they create these faux scandals and then when the truth comes out, they are already on to the next one, never correcting and never, ever apologizing

Neo Conservative said...

"ag says... when the truth comes out, they are already on to the next one"

you want an interesting perspective on media complicity in this sort of happy horseshit, just watch season 5 of "the wire".

no wonder so many people are choosing to get their news from outlets other than the old guard msm.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Paul Martin could jet in and hold the poor mans hand while he languishes in jail.
Those eevil Conservatives, don't they know it's Christmas, whoops "Holiday season"
Booring just like the rest of CTV.
Cheers Bubba

oxygentax said...

All I can ask is if that's the plan for the next 4 1/2 years, what are they going to do when it fails, or they run out of petty little BS to peck away at?

I noticed that absolutely nothing stuck last spring during the election, do they not realize that the longer they keep this BS up, the less that will stick come the next election?

FREE said...

...pass the beer and popcorn, please...