16 December 2011

Yeah, Nikki... I'm thinkin' that might be...

...part of the problem...dipper wisdom

“I don’t look at polls, I look at what we do,” interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel said.

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...what the fucking fuck?


maryT said...

And the thing they are doing is going down, down, down in Que.
Why did Jack appoint this non english speaking person to lead the party, and why did the caucus agree.
Considering all the bs coming from ndpq members re unilingual appointments to the AG office and other positions.
Maybe Jack knew that would kill the ndp and he didn't want anyone to replace his legacy.

Frances said...

Perhaps the Quebecois have also taken a hard look at their new MPs and realized just what they accomplished by following the 'orange wave'.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... Maybe Jack knew that would kill the ndp"

i think i'm gonna go with frances (and occam) here. we're talkin' about a guy who, despite having a high public profile, frequented sleazy chinatown whorehouses. i don't think jack (despite his slick oratory & contrived public persona) thought any further ahead than 6 inches at any one time.

the fact that olivia chow went along with this obvious misbehavior simply speaks to the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the socialists. i'd love, for instance, to see the probate of jack's family holding company in his will.

this so-called ndp wave simply spoke to quebec's unquenchable need to poke a finger in the eye of the rest of canada. now, they're bored... and they'll move on to the next stupid thing... witness, for istance, the inexplicable rise of canada's own kardashian sister substitute... justin trudeau.

say what you will about stephen harper... he states his beliefs... and he lives by them.

i might not always agree with mr harper... but i certainly respect him.


Anonymous said...

I agree MaryT I think Quebec was in awe of Jack/Oliva power expense account couple.
Hitting the taxpayers for over 3000K a day in expenses each and every day of the year!
Did they never sleep?
All the weeping and wailing of the second and third place finishers is getting boring.
Quebec elected a bunch of fence posts now they have to live with them.
I understand some of them have yet to set up Offices in their ridings.
Cheers Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

"bubba points out... Quebec elected a bunch of fence posts now they have to live with them."

fence posts with champagne tastes (and apparently, a few hidden kinks)...

"NDP Leader Jack Layton racked up the highest expense account despite being the leader of the smallest party. Layton billed taxpayers for $628,913.68."

"MP Olivia Chow, who isn't a party leader, knows how to party nonetheless... $530,304.73."

ultimately, as quebec is now finding out... you get the kind of government you deserve.

but, let's digress for a moment...

"-- TORONTO -- The Velvet Touch Massage parlour — where NDP Leader Jack Layton was found during a 1996 police visit — was suspected to be a bawdy house since it opened."

'The massage parlour in the city's Chinatown neighbourhood, which ceased operations down shortly after the police came calling, opened in 1994 and was among 26 suspected bawdy houses Toronto Police cracked down on with more than 300 charges."

so... toronto cops raid a whorehouse, er... community medical clinic looking for underage asian sex slaves... and find a naked toronto city councillor... and that's the guy you voted for?

and then, unbelievably... you canonise him?

i don't believe it, folks. we're better than that.

well... some of us are.


maryT said...

Too bad angus and others don't compare the layton expenses, with what Peter spent on a hotel.
And the amount billed by layton for meals it seems he and wife never ate that that kitchen table he bragged about. I do not feel least bit sorry for Que, and they can complain all they want about how the PM has turned his back on them. They deserve it. If they don't allow english, why can't we have a bilingual AG, with his second language not being french.
They were so sure that it would be another minority and Jack would be PM after another coup. The tide turned in Canada when he said, PM Layton,I like the sound of that. He did, we didn't and Nycole is dreaming, along with Pat Martin and others if they think they will win gove after the next election. We have another 26 seats we will win, plus what we have. And I bet we take some ndpq seats in the west. Will westerners vote for a party that will be quebec first last and always. Doubt it. That is something that helped kill the liberals, que leaders. The ndp had more power as 3rd party. But, the PM would not be blackmailed like Pet, JC and Martin.
Next big fight, end of the reserve system.

dmorris said...

That's the problem with linking your Party image to a Messiah,as the NDP did with Layton,and the Liberals did with PET,eventually the ONE is gonna retire,and you're left with a bunch of no-talents who lived on the coattails of the hero.

The NDP has no special hold on Quebec other than their firm belief in socialism, and Quebecers only voted Dip as a lesson to Duceppe and the PQ.

Layton campaigned in Quebec on a platform of total pandering to the Province,while selling an entirely different message to the Rest of Canada.

He got away with it only because in the eyes of the MSM,he could do no wrong.

Now that Jack's mired permanently in the fires of Hell,as Christian associates assure me,his legend will fade into obscurity before the next election.

In 2015,I think we can expect Quebecers to once again vote for one of their own,and expect the NDP to lose most or all of the seats they gained there in 2011.

I agree with "Maryt", Layton WAS egotistical enough to have done just what she suggested.

Gerald said...

I totally agree with Neo conservative on everything that was said.I never ever cared for Jack Layton or Olivia,as I could see right through them.They all know that they're up against a very intelligent man in PM Harper.They (including the MSM) has tried almost everything in the book to bring him down,and they haven't and they won't.Elections Canada,Budget officer,CBC,etc.,etc.,etc.,all have tried but failed.Gerald

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... the amount billed by layton for meals it seems he and wife never ate that that kitchen table he bragged about."

layton comes from old money... i'd love to know what the family holding company was worth. aren't probated wills in the public domain? anyone near the courthouse in toronto where this would've been dealt with?

and what kind of a survivor benefit does olivia score from jack's gold-plated mp pension? if jack died a millionaire, shouldn't the taxpayers get some sort of clawback... you know, like what the government does with our military personnel.

it's a funny, complicated kind of socialism if you ask me.

and hey... that mysterious, unnamed cancer that finally put jack away... that doesn't have anything to do with his nocturnal habits... does it?

don't expect the lefty msm to answer any of those questions.


maryT said...

When Jack last appeared in public pictures of Rock Hudson flashed thru my mind.