09 December 2011

Hey... it's a start

• OTTAWA • QMI Agency has learned Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will announce Friday in Montreal that the government will move to revoke the allegedly fraudulent citizenships of 2,100 Canadians.
Of course, it's one thing to talk about cracking down... and another entirely to actually do it...
• BRANTFORD • A convicted terrorist ordered deported from Canada two decades ago is still living with his family in a modest semi-detached bungalow in Brantford.

Under orders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the then-25-year-old guerrilla fighter and another man hurled grenades and sprayed the plane with machine-gun fire.
If we can't dump this guy... then this latest talk is simply more hot air.

Your move, Mr Kenney.


RELATED: Need another example?
Though thwarted in his efforts to gain refugee status in Canada and facing a deportation order, Chowdhury has avoided expulsion from this country for nearly a decade because of Canada’s legal obligation — the result of a 2001 Supreme Court ruling — not to deport or extradite suspected criminals who may face execution in another country, except in the most “exceptional” circumstances.
Oh Canada.


dmorris said...

This was welcome news! We have to give Harper a lot of credit,he's moved on four of the major items we were concerned about,in less than a year in majority.

The LGR,CWB,Kyoto,and now immigration. Pretty damned impressive. And it's all been done under a constant verbal barrage from the MSM and every liberal activist on the planet. Turn to ANY MSM venue and the anti-Harper rhetoric is absolutely rabid, but he keeps on going,like the "Energizer" bunny.

Harper is getting the George W. Bush treatment from Canadian Left-wing loonies all over the world, anyone seen Elizabeth May at Durban yet?

And the well-organized and financed "demonstration" by the "cream" of Canadian youth at that conference? Allah Almighty,a lesser politician would be hiding under his bed crying for his Mommy!

He ain't perfect, but he's done a LOT better than we could have ever hoped for under a Lib/Dip government,where not ONE of these items would have been addressed.

I've bitched and complained about the seeming slowness on these issues,but will now back off,and give the Conservatives their due.

Good work Mr.Harper,keep it up.

Neo Conservative said...

that majority government thing can be a double-edged sword... now there's no excuse for not being able to implement a truly conservative agenda.