23 April 2019

Your money...

...their friends...insert alt text here

The $133 million writeoff by the CRA was approved by CRA Commissioner Bob Hamilton in the same period that saw a March 2018 writeoff of a government bailout loan to the now-bankrupt Chrysler corporation.

That writeoff was approved by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and never announced, though CBC News later confirmed that the defunct Chrysler was the firm involved.


Canadianna said...

As someone who owes, I find this sort of thing demoralizing.

Neo Conservative said...

write a letter to your local mp
and let them know how you feel.

and make sure you get out and
vote this coming election.


TheTooner said...

We all owe more than we can ever pay, because the government sees each of us as a thing that exists to produce revenue for the government. On the bright side, we all get our debt written off when we die and the government has finished plundering our estate.

Neo Conservative said...

borrow as much as you can... and never,
ever pay it off... said no financial
advisor ever.

"If you’re not at the table, you’re
on the menu."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says --------- ah yes the transparent honest government of Canada.