04 April 2019

Not sure what the dudes at CBC...

...are dusting their doobs with...insert alt text here

"It came to me that violence and violins are interchangeable, so I decide to turn one into the other."
The magical thinking of the lunatic left... plus, what does that even mean?


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Hashim Abdullahi, 33, appeared in Newmarket court Wednesday where he was formally charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault with a weapon and assault.
And Toronto's infamous "cloak of invisibility" shooters have struck again...
At least 8 gunshots caused damage to the pub’s door and front window. The Jeep was also found outside with bullet holes. Police say 15 shell casings were found inside the Jeep.

Officers say three to four males were seen fleeing the area, but no suspect descriptions have been made available.