12 April 2019

From the folks who brought you...

...melamine in baby formula...insert alt text here

"For the first time, scientists have used gene-editing techniques to make monkey brains more humanlike."

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The video’s cheerleading tone mimics the infomercials used to promote stem cell clinics, several of which have recently gotten into hot water with federal regulators. Clinicians at elite medical facilities are lining their pockets by providing expensive placebos.

With more than 700 stem cell clinics in operation, the FDA is first targeting those posing the biggest threat, such as doctors who inject stem cells directly into the eye or brain.


Anonymous said...

owg says ---------- speaking of baby formula, the Chinese are building a very large baby food plant in Kingston Ontario.

Neo Conservative said...

well, they've already bought up
half of africa. guess we can't
be too surprised.