12 April 2019

Now we're policing fairy tales?

Plus, I thought the Ugly Duckling was the hero of this narrative...insert alt text here

The UK grocery store Waitrose has reportedly apologized and repackaged its Easter chocolate duckling trio in response to claims that the supermarket’s decision to name the darkest chocolate duck “Ugly” was racist.

The name for the darkest duckling was a reference to the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale "The Ugly Duckling" in which a bullied young duckling feels out of place before developing into a beautiful swan.
More politically correct argle-bargle from the folks who can't have a funeral without a firefight...
Nipsey Hussle‘s funeral procession was marred by more “senseless violence” on Thursday night, with one person being shot to death and three others wounded, according to cops.

“Victims are 3 Male Blacks and 1 Female Black – ages from 30-50 years old,” Moore said. “Tragically one is deceased.”


Anonymous said...

owg says ----------- ignorance is bliss, at the very least not bothersome.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm a little surprised the lefties aren't
freaking out about the stories about
"black holes."