18 April 2019

Forget about Andrew Sheep

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier was in Brandon on Wednesday for an evening rally at Victoria Inn.
And while we're talking out west...
And that, really, is the main reason why Kenney swept the much-admired Notley from power: Resentment.

Resentment about Trudeau, resentment towards Canada’s perceived indifference towards Alberta’s plight.


Anonymous said...

owg says ---------- Max is the only one who even comes close to my level of conservatism.

Neo Conservative said...

andrew sheep is pierre-lite in short pants.
if you're a principled conservative, you're
voting for max.


Anonymous said...

owg says ----- just read disappointing item at SDA, Max's party has hired a known anti-oil idiot. They say he has changed his stripes, right.

iOpener said...

It's not 'resentment' about 'perceived indifference' to our plight.

It's active rage against the assholes who largely caused our plight by destroying our ability to export our products both inside and outside of Canada, all the while importing the same products from foreigners.

Fucking west coast and central Canada cunts.