09 April 2019

Nazis, Nazis everywhere...

...or maybe not...insert alt text here

There were at least 8,500 such incidents worldwide that year, and white supremacists accounted for perhaps 15 or 20 of them, depending how you count.

The worst terrorist event of 2017, according to the State Department, was the explosion of a truck bomb outside the Safari Hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia, which killed more than 580 people. This violent act is believed to have been the work of Al-Shabaab, which was responsible for 97 percent of the 370 instances of extremist killings in Somalia in 2017.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the U.S. Extremist Crime Database, reports that the frequency of violent hate crime in the United States has been about the same for 50 years.

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A suicide bomber from Calgary strikes near Baghdad. A Windsor man masterminds the torture and killing of foreigners at a Dhaka bakery. Two London, Ont. gunmen take hostages at a gas plant in the Algerian desert.

Canadian terrorists have killed and injured more than 300 in other countries since 2012.


Toronto's "cloak of invisibility" shooters strike again...
Police are searching for suspects after a gunfight between two groups of males at a North York plaza led to a head-on collision. "We are looking for four to five males, all dressed in dark clothing."
"We know what they're wearing, but that's it," said Inspector Clouseau.


LAST WORD: The usual suspects...
Simon Ho-On, 23, of Toronto and Domenic Lees, 24, of Whitby face a raft of charges after a 22-year-old trafficking victim was beaten, drugged and branded as property with a tattoo and forced to work in the sex trade for approximately one month.


Anonymous said...

owg says -------- damn ain't diversity grand.

Neo Conservative said...

ralph goodale says the liberals
are cracking down on the real
problem here in canada, right
wing neo-nazis.

how about going after the people
importing drugs & shooting each
other... actual criminals?