21 April 2019

Oakwood Village, that...

...sounds so familiar...toronto's most wantedYet another victim of Toronto's infamous "cloak of invisibility" shooters.

Toronto police received multiple reports a man, Jermaine Gerard Skeete, 34, had been shot near Vaughan Road and Glenora Road around 2:50 a.m. He was rushed to hospital without vital signs, but died of his injuries.

Toronto Police homicide detectives — who have taken over the case — may be running into a wall of silence.

This is the city’s 19th homicide of 2019.
Oakwood, Oakwood... where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah... here and here and here.

We left Toronto the Good in 2001... and I'm never going back.insert alt text here
"The only cocktails we encounter here... are either fruit or vegetable."

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"Woman allegedly cuts off man’s penis before jumping from Toronto apartment building."


Anonymous said...

Journalists never google the names of suspects to see the articles their organization has previous published about the suspect.

Today he's caught for robbery:

In 2016 he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in a four-man hit team;

Neo Conservative said...

but, of course. whenever one of
these bad boys gets pinched on a
gun charge, they are almost all
also charge with violating their
previous prohibition for having
a firearm in their possession.

criminals don't obey laws.


Anonymous said...

Their facebook pages are alos revealing - this brat just got charged with shooting a woman in the back and he's all of 20 years old, with a promising future, as a thug with terrible fashion sense:

Neo Conservative said...

say... who's actually doing all that
shooting in toronto anyway?