26 April 2019

Vacation List Update:

Well... there goes the UK...insert alt text here

Violent crime across England and Wales has risen by one fifth in one year, the latest figures show. The new Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show that in the year ending December 2018 violent crime rose by almost a fifth — 19 percent.

The latest statistics follow London-only figures from early April which claimed an average of 40 knife related incidents in the city every day, and a fatal stabbing every four days.

Toronto Police have laid a first-degree murder charge against Adil Zeno, 21, of Toronto, in connection with the 2016 killing of Faysal Mohamed Hees in Etobicoke.

They have also issued a warrant for the arrest of Monique Ibrahim, 24.

LAST WORD: Toronto gangbangers spread their wings...
WATERLOO REGION — The shooting death of 58-year-old Helen Schaller was not targeted but was a "heinous" crime of violence, Bryan Larkin, Waterloo Region's police chief said Friday.

Larkin said the shooting is related to street gangs that operate in the Toronto area.

Schaller's death is the second homicide in the region. In January, Kurt McKechnie, 56, was shot in a targeted attack at a housing complex in Cambridge.
If only there was a law.