26 April 2019

Diversity is our streng...

...sweet baby jebus...

BREAKING: Officer convicted of murder...

Mohamed Noor, a former Somalian refugee, shot Justine Ruszczyk Damond as she approached his patrol car to report a possible rape behind her Minneapolis home on 15 July 2017. He was handcuffed and taken into custody immediately upon being convicted by a jury on Tuesday of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Noor said he believed there was an imminent threat after he heard a loud bang and saw Ms Damond with her right arm raised. Prosecutors questioned whether the loud bang was real, pointing out that neither Noor nor his partner initially mentioned anything at the scene about hearing such a noise.

Ms Damond's fingerprints were not found on the squad car.
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A former Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor, on trial in the fatal shooting of an unarmed woman testified Thursday that he saw fear in his partner’s eyes, then saw a woman in a pink shirt with blond hair appear at the partner’s window and raise her right arm before he fired his gun “to stop the threat.

Justine Ruszczyk Damond, had called 911 minutes earlier to report a possible sexual assault behind her home, and was shot as she approached Noor’s squad car after he and his partner had rolled down her alley looking for evidence of a woman in distress.
Hmmm... kind of sounds to me like they found her.
Noor refused to talk to investigators after the July 2017 shooting.
One last note... the officers were wearing body-cams, but they were both turned off.


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"Noor, who joined the Minneapolis Police in March 2015, has reportedly had three complaints made against him in two years - including a lawsuit. Two are from 2017 and one from 2016 is closed and marked 'not to be made public'."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------ Islamic criminals, eh.

Neo Conservative said...

minnesota has the largest number of folks
who went to fight for isis and friends
in the middle east from the entire usa.