06 April 2019


...said the puppetmaster...liar,liarOver at the Black Rod, they are pulling no punches...

"The implication of that statement screams out at you: The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Beverley McLachlin was in on it. She was part of the conspiracy to interfere in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin!"

"It's obvious that the Trudeau conspirators wouldn't be suggesting an outside opinion without knowing in advance what that opinion would be."


Nicholas said...

There's "pulling no punches" and then there's "risking a lawsuit". I hope Black Rod hasn't gone from the former to the latter with this post. Linked and hat-tipped (live tomorrow morning).

Neo Conservative said...

he seems fairly confident... can't
imagine risking a lawsuit on pure

that said, i guess that's why we
have libel laws.


TheTooner said...

Black Rod's reasoning is sound, but perhaps the detail isn't firm. What Butts said could mean that they were thinking of asking McLachlin for the outside opinion, but if she didn't say what they wanted hers wouldn't be the opinion they would bring to the Justice Minister, they'd keep shopping until they found the right opinion.

Neo Conservative said...

well, we could speculate about what
everybody said, or meant, but what
would a reasonable person infer
from the facts so far?

given that butts is obviously a
lying sack of shit, that is.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ----------- we all have opinions and we all have a holes, and most contain the product, truth however falls outside that category.

Neo Conservative said...

i think butts and wernick jumping ship
is a pretty telling red flag of who to
trust in this debacle.